Nature Therapy for Bereaved Fathers to Heal and Bond


Bereaved fathers experienced the healing power of nature therapy in the gorgeous hills of Neot Kedumim.

Nature therapy is designed to harness the healing power of the natural world. Time spent in outdoor activities has been shown to reduce anxiety, rumination, and negative feelings – maladies that are common among people who have experienced the trauma of losing a child to terror.

It also has the power to bring people together because many of the tasks they were asked to perform could not be done alone but required teamwork and cooperation.

The bereaved fathers herded sheep, built a rope bridge, and practiced archery. They hiked the trails and created stone art with stones that were too heavy for any one person to move on his own. The activities helped them quiet their minds and demonstrated the importance of accepting support from other people.

“Men often find it difficult to seek support, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it,” said one of the psychologists who works with the fathers. “Getting support is always better than going through the process alone.”

In the beauty of the biblical landscape, the message become increasingly clear as the day went on – no one has to cope with his bereavement on his own. Other people understand their pain and are willing to help them cope.

The group dynamics created that day will continue to develop throughout the year, establishing a powerful support network for bereaved fathers that will benefit them for a long time to come.

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