OneFamily Canada Honors Terror Victims


OneFamily Canada held its third annual Taste for Life event to honor victims who survived the horrors of terror as well as OneFamily’s dedicated case workers, whose personal involvement with the victims serves as constant and ongoing support and encouragement.

Terror victims honored this year included:

Bracha, who son Aryeh was one of the six men murdered in the Har Nof Synagogue Massacre in 2014. Aryeh’s heroics during the attack saved many lives, but he could not save himself.

Alon, whose wife Ilana, was murdered by terrorists in the shooting attack on Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market in 2015. Alon has now become the main caregiver for their four daughters, one of whom suffers from cerebral palsy.

Adelle, whose husband Aharon was murdered, she herself was stubbed repeatedly, and her 2-year-old son was shot in the foot. The attack took place while the family was walking through the Old City of Jerusalem. Adelle now struggles to care for her young children on her own.

Gabi, who was among the 40 people who was wounded in a mass terrorist attack in Beit She’an, when two terrorists threw grenades into the crowd, killing six people. Gabi was shot five times-once in the head-and has endured a difficult rehabilitation.

To watch a video presentation about the victims and their stories, click here.

To see a photo gallery of the event, click here.

The four were joined by OneFamily’s tireless case workers – Pini Rabinovich for the south; Nava Formanski for the center; Mindee Levinger for Jerusalem; and Batia Weinberg for the north.

The event featured delicious food, musical entertainment, and and an exciting silent art auction featuring contemporary Israeli artists. Most of all, it was an opportunity for OneFamily’s supporters in Canada to meet the people of OneFamily, and for victims to meet people who truly care about them and wish them the best in their recovery process.

The group was hosted by families in the Toronto Jewish community, who not only made the visitors from Israel feel welcome but also built relations that will last for many years.

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