Shuva Malka, 18, in Serious Condition After Brutal Stabbing

Michal and Gabriel Malka
Michal and Gavriel, parents of Shuva Malka, speak to the press from the hospital after Shuva was brutally stabbed.

Eighteen-year-old Shuva Malka remains in serious condition in intensive care after suffering numerous stab wounds to her upper body. Please pray for Shuva bat Michal for a complete and speedy recovery.

OneFamily has been in contact with the family and is ready to help financially and emotionally. We were at the side of the family in the hospital and will be with them through the long process of healing.

Shuva was on her way to a matriculation exam when she encountered the terrorist in the street. She tried to run away but was unable to escape.

The terrorist stabbed her nine times, wounding her in her back, shoulders, and hitting vital organs. She managed to make her way back to the street and call out, “I was stabbed, I was stabbed,” before collapsing. When the ambulance arrived, she was conscious and bleeding severely.

Medics on the ambulance worked to stop the bleeding but she had already lost a great deal of blood when she arrived at the hospital. After stabilizing her condition, doctors transferred her to the intensive care and warned that her condition remains “very serious.”

Shuva is the oldest in a family of ten children living in Migdal HaEmek. Her parents, Gavriel and Michal, are both teachers and are looking for work.

Shuva’s mother called it a “great miracle” that Shuva survived such a brutal attack. “I expect the State to take responsibility for the safety of our children, so they that can feel safe while waiting at a bus stop, without having to worry about dangers lurking ahead.”

The terrorist was captured after the attack.

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