OneFamily Day Camp in Memory of Yonatan Adler

Every summer, OneFamily runs a day camp for bereaved children at the OneFamily Center. The children get a week of fun with their friends from OneFamily and the parents get a respite as summer vacation begins to take its toll.

The camp offers the perfect combination of fun and healing. The children participated in art therapy sessions and group building activities and took trips to the zoo and an amusement park.

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This year, the camp was dedicated in the memory of Yonatan Adler. Yonatan began as a counselor at the age of 14 and quickly emerged as one of the most passionate and committed staff members. Last year, he was set to serve as the head counselor, having recruited virtually all of the other counselors. But tragedy struck. Yonatan was killed in a hiking accident days before the camp was about to begin.

At the closing ceremony, Yonatan’s mother Nomi came to visit the camp that meant so much to her son. She spoke to the campers and counselors about Yonatan. The children were thrilled to meet her and welcome her to camp and show her what OneFamily is all about.

Nomi Adler (in red hair covering) surrounded by children from the OneFamily Day Camp

To honor Yonatan, and his dedication to the children, the camp was renamed in his memory – The Yonatan Adler OneFamily Day Camp. Yonatan’s presence was felt in more than just the name. It was clear that he lived on in the memory of every child.

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Nomo Adler (mother of Yonatan)

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