We Remember the Sbarro Massacre

In August of 2001, a suicide bomber entered a crowded Sbarro’s restaurant in the center of Jerusalem at lunchtime and murdered 15 people and wounded more than 130 more. Five members of Schijveschuurder family were killed including four-year-old Avraham Yitzhak and two-year-old Hemda. It was the worst terrorist attack of the Second Intifada up to that point.

The attack led directly to the founding of OneFamily. That same day, Twelve-year-old Michal Belzberg was preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. But in the wake of so much sorrow, Michal felt that she could not hold a celebration, so she cancelled her Bat Mitzvah party and donated the expenses to the victims of the attack and encouraged friends and family to give the victims everything they had planned on giving her.

In that moment, OneFamily was born.WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 3.25.39 PM

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