Israel Under Attack


Hamas terrorists fired more than 400 rockets at Israel, forcing more than 100,000 Israelis to sleep in bomb shelters Monday night. At least one man was killed in Ashkelon when a rocket made a direct hit on a four story building. Some 60 others have been injured, including at least three in serious condition.

The man killed is reportedly a 48-year-old Palestinian living in the city. His wife was also seriously injured by rubble when the building collapsed directly on the couple.

On Monday night, terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at a bus near the border, seriously wounding a soldier on the bus, along with hundreds of rockets across Israel. Rocket fire resumed early Tuesday morning with no end in sight.

OneFamily is there for the residents of the south, sending needed supplies along with psychologists and experts in resilience after trauma. Even after the rockets stop, the residents will have to cope with the trauma they are enduring.

The people of the south need our help, and we need your generous support to provide the help they need. Please give to OneFamily today to help families in line of fire cope.

We provide:

– Psychological aid

– Bereavement counseling

– Therapeutic camps for children

OneFamily has provided these ongoing services to over 3,000 families since 2001.

Only Onefamily provides victims of terror what they really need.

The barrage marks the largest rocket offensive against Israel since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge. Southern residents are forced to relive that trauma again and again as alarms sound continuously throughout the south and the Hamas threatens to attack deeper into Israel.

Please help generously today. They need us, and we need you, now more than ever.

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