A Chanukah Message From Our CEO

The Miracle of Chanukah Happens Every Day at OneFamily

Chanukah is the holiday of resilience. It’s when light triumphs over darkness.

Here at OneFamily, we see the miracle of Chanukah every day. When a bereaved mother forces herself out of bed each morning to work towards a brighter future, she is finding the little bit of light inside her amid so much darkness.

We help that little bit of light grow. With constant support and understanding, along with our programs of healing, soon there is more light than darkness.

That’s the miracle of Chanukah. It’s also the miracle of OneFamily.

We need your help bringing this spark of light to all victims of terror. Therapeutic services require great resources, but they are exactly what victims of terror need. We help them find resilience so they can face their challenges, everyone in their own way.

We can’t do it without you.

Please donate generously to OneFamily today. The spark of light is in your hands.

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