Yotam at Chanukah Camp: “Why My Sister Shlomit?”

Good Evening.

My name is Yotam and I am the brother of Shlomit. Shlomit was murdered in a stabbing attack in Beit Horon.

I joined OneFamily almost three years ago and it is my second home. Three years have passed already and life is so different.

During these years my nephew Ziv was born.

I also celebrated my bar mitzvah.

But everything is different without you, there is no night I do not think about you and remember, there is no night or day without longing.

Every day I ask him, “Why?” Why her?

Everyone says that everything happens for the best and that nothing happens without a reason – in the meantime I do not see it and only ask – Why her ??

For now life is rubbish, every day at school. I can’t concentrate and during every test I stare at the walls and think about you. I think about Mom and Dad and grandma and grandpa.

There is also always this fear of “what will happen if God forbid someone else will be harmed?”

Mom and Dad say things like this happen and we have to move on but I do not understand why? Why do things like this happen?

Shlomit. Now I’m talking to you, I’m asking you to give me a sign. Give me a sign that you’re still there. Give me a sign that you’re there to help me, to help us all.

I love you Shlomit and always will.


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