Register with Team OneFamily For the Jerusalem Marathon!

Now is the time to register with Team OneFamily for the Jerusalem Marathon.

Team OneFamily is the family of athletes supporting Israel’s victims of terror. As lives are torn apart across Israel – and men, women, and children are bereaved and injured – OneFamily helps victims of terror get back on their feet.

OneFamily is all about building resilience, and the Jerusalem Marathon is the perfect symbol of recovery. It takes a great deal of work to reach the end, but when we all pull together and help each other, we can all be successful.

By joining Team OneFamily, you not only shows terror victims that you care about them but also help them directly by raising money for programs that help them build resilience.

It’s a day of hope and triumph, friendship and pride.

It’s a day of overcoming adversity.

It’s your chance to be a part of the healing.

Sign up to Team OneFamily here and support victims of terror every step of the way!

There are four options to run- 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

Registration Fee $50
Minimum Fundraising Commitment $613

Learn more at the Team OneFamily website.

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