This Winter, a group of forty men and women from OneFamily’s Adults Division took part in a three day retreat in the North, visiting the Golan Heights, Safed , Rosh Hanikra and Rosh Pina.

The division was developed to answer the needs of bereaved and wounded terror victims, aged 24 to 38, whose needs vary greatly to those of younger victims of terror. OneFamily’s goal is to ease their emotional and physical pain.

OneFamily retreats combine therapeutic and recreational activities allowing victims to have a relaxing enjoyable experience while receiving group therapy.

They also provide the opportunity for victims of terror to step outside their regular lives and focus on their trauma together with others who have suffered the same way, enabling them to strengthen their sense of community and togetherness.

Many of those taking part experience loneliness and face difficulties in their daily lives, unable to shake free from the traumas they have experienced. On top of the burden they carry, they also have to cope with the same issues like anyone else their age – maintaining a job, possible university studies, finding a partner, getting married and setting up a family.

In the days spent together they are free to talk about anything they want to – the good and evil, the challenges they face, their feelings in the light of traumatic separation they experienced and the progress they are making. The sessions are designed to help them talk about their struggles and show them they are not alone in their battle to move forward.

It became abundantly clear at the retreat the importance and need for the group to meet on a regular basis, a place where they can share their feelings and support for each other.

When asked to sum up the three days spent together and explain how OneFamily has impacted their lives – many said the seminars, workshops, retreats and sessions have given them a reason to keep on living; others said the support and encouragement and guidance have helped them to stand on their feet. All felt it was the only forum where they are able to express themselves freely without the need to hide or mask their feelings and thoughts.

The respite gave everyone the opportunity to embrace and bond and talk about their fears and concerns. Beyond the fun and enjoyable activities, all the group members emphasized that OneFamily provides them with a sense of community and caring, an anchor and a desire to move forward.

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