OneFamily featured at AIPAC 2019

OneFamily makes an impact at AIPAC

We were honored and excited to be featured at this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C.

It gave us the opportunity to explain to more than 18,000 people who attended the conference and thousands more who watched online, about OneFamily, our mission, our work and our goals. How we have assisted thousands of terror victims and bereaved families, and helped them navigate the difficult path of grief.

Not only did we appear at the General Assembly, but thousands of people visited our booth in the AIPAC village where we set up a three dimensional exhibit of terror victims and their families.

Visitors to the booth went on a journey into the past and the present. The exhibit of victims gave them the opportunity to become acquainted with some wonderful people, sadly no longer with us. All were killed in terror attacks. They read about the victims’ husbands, wives, parents, daughters and sons who are striving to keep the memories of their loved ones alive today.

Our presence at AIPAC helped us convey to all those attending the conference, the impact of living under the constant threat of terror in Israel has on all our lives. It also gave our community of terror survivors a sense of strength and a meaning to their losses and tragedies.

At the General Assembly, Michal Belzberg, the founder and the inspiration behind OneFamily, talked about how we help thousands of Israeli terror victims move forward and rebuild their lives.

Kay Wilson, a survivor of a brutal terror attack in Jerusalem nine years ago, spoke about the road to her physical and emotional recovery. Her new book “The Rage Less Traveled,” was just published as she set out to attend the AIPAC conference.

Dina Keat, the mother of Ofir who was killed in a suicide bomb attack in June 2001. She also lost another son to cancer.  Despite her heartbreak, Dina initiated and was the inspiration behind the OneFamily “Taste of Life,” cookbook where bereaved mothers write the favorite recipes of their loved ones killed in terror attacks.

Terror victims helped by OneFamily appeared on a film screened at the event.

OneFamily is Israel’s premier organization dedicated to the caring of victims of terror whose lives have been shattered, and is responsible for distributing over $50 million to families devastated by terror since its inception in 2001.

We strive to rehabilitate, reintegrate and rebuild the lives of thousands of Israelis affected by terror. We provide a comprehensive blend of tailor made programs offering financial assistance, therapeutic workshops, retreats, seminars and legal aid.


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