Noa Meir remembers her mother, Dafna Meir on Yom Hazikaron

Noa Meir talks about her longing for her mother, Dafna, who was stabbed to death in their home in Otniel, in 2016


My head leans on the transparent window, sees and doesn’t see

Speaking with you, speaking to myself

Who I am.  Who you are.

Who you were.

I know inside every word, every thought,

what you would have said or spoken.

Perhaps it’s just my stomach churning as I travel from here to there

that makes me wonder.


The days have gone by, and who I once was has also gone.

I look out through the transparent window, the way passes

Rising from the desert to the fields

and then descending between them

Looking inside myself for you,

loneliness, silence.


All the gentleness and toughness in that word that was you,

is now inherent in me.

You were my anchor.

I am scared of being without you.

And now, in this space,

I am searching for myself,

Searching for you, inside of me.

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