Four Israelis killed during heavy rocket barrages in southern Israel

Terrorists in Gaza fired more than 700 rockets at southern Israel, forcing residents living in communities, towns and cities within a fifty kilometer radius from the Gaza Strip into bomb shelters and security rooms. Four Israelis were killed in Ashdod and Ashkelon and dozens wounded.

OneFamily’s coordinator in the South visited the bereaved families, sat with them and offered them support. OneFamily continues to visit the families, helps to answer any questions concerning their rights and help them wade through the bureaucracy.



Moshe Agadi 58, father of four, suffered shrapnel wounds to his stomach and chest when a rocket exploded next to his home in the middle of the night. He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival in hospital.

Agadi’s friend Pinhas Peretz who prays with him at the same synagogue called his death “a great tragedy.” “He was such a good person; he gave a lot of money to the synagogue. He was a person with a great soul who was always willing to help.”









Ziad Alhamada, 49, a Bedouin from the Swawin village in the South was killed when a rocket hit the factory he worked in Ashkelon. President Reuven Rivlin paid a condolence visit to the family telling them “we came because we are all partners, we are all citizens of this country and together we will overcome these difficult moments as well.”







Moshe Feder, 67 from Kfar Saba was killed was on his way to work when an anti-tank rocket hit his car near the Gaza border. His wife Iris was widowed after her first husband died in the IAF helicopter disaster in 1997, when two helicopters ferrying troops into south Lebanon collided in mid-air killing all 73 soldiers on board.

Feder is survived by his wife and two children.







Pinchas Menachem Pshuzman, 21 had dual American and Israeli citizenship. He  was a Gur Hasid and served as a teacher in the local Gur community in Ashdod. A rocket hit the building as he ran to the stairwell and he was fatally hit by shrapnel succumbed to his wounds shortly after.

He is survived by his wife and four months old baby. According to family members it is not the first time tragedy has struck the family. One of his mother’s brothers was killed in a suicide bomb attack on an Egged bus at Har Meron in 2002.

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