Two Israelis stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City, discharged from hospital

At the end of May, two Israelis were stabbed in the Old City by a Palestinian terrorist who was shot dead by security forces. OneFamily has visited both of the wounded Israelis, and is in contact with their families, counselling them and guiding them and determining where they need help.



Gabriel Levy, 49, suffered 17 stab wounds to all parts of his body including, the back, lungs, shoulder and hands. The terrorist missed by a centimeter stabbing his spinal cord.

For four days he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and sedated. At the beginning of the week he was woken up from an induced coma and later underwent a complicated operation on his hand. Gabriel is married to Nili  and they have four children. Gabriel studies in Moslem Qtr. in the Old City and works a few hours a day on installing security alarms in homes. His wife Nili counsels brides.






YISRAEL MEIR NACHUMBERG, 16 and his older brother Haim had been studying all night in the synagogue and were on their way home when he was attacked. He had stopped to check his bicycle wheel when the terrorist stabbed him from behind. Haim witnessed the attack and tried to distract the terrorist, to no avail. Both were severely traumatized.

Yisrael was hospitalized with stab wounds to the back, which caused damage to his lungs.

His parents Refael and Havi were at his bedside during his hospitalization. Luckily after several days in hospital he was discharged. In the coming weeks he will need to return for further tests and x-rays and will also require physiotherapy. He is one of nine siblings.

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