20 Years … 1,616 Faces…

20 Years Since the Outbreak of the Second Intifada… Mass suicide bombings, lynchings, targetted killings, attempted attacks, and fierce millitary operations. Endless horrendous memories. Countless were INJURED. Thousands were MURDERED.

OneFamily was established during the Second Intifada, after the horrific terrorist attack in Sbarro Pizza. Michal Belzberg cancelled her Bat Mitzvah and donated the expenses to the victims of the attack. Since its inception OneFamily has worked to change the lives of the bereaved and injured throughout Israel. Unfortunately, terror has continued to take its toll on the people of Israel. This year two people were murdered, Amit Ben Yigal (21) and Rabbi Shai Ohayon (39). It may seem that the past few years have been quiet in terms of terror, but thankfully many attacks were prevented. These are the faces of the 1,616 people who were murdered during the last 20 years of terror in Israel. May OneFamily welcome NO new families.

Each Victim has a story. OneFamily invites you to get to know a little about their lives and their legacies, through our Memorial Room. These short tributes strive to help us remember that the victims are people with interesting personalities and histories — much more than a mere statistic. The Memorial Room is dedicated to the memories of all the people who have been taken away from us. May their memories be a blessing.

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