OneFamily Mourns the death of Rabbi Lord Sacks

A giant fell, 

The entire world shook. 

And was shattered. 

A Giant has fallen. 

A giant in learning.  

A giant in teaching. 

A giant who set the bar of ethical standards for all of us to aspire to. 

A giant who loved all peoples of the world that lived by a moral compass. 

A giant who stood up against antisemetism, even at the highest levels of Government. 

A giant held in the highest esteem by all. 

A Peer of the realm. 

A lord. 

Yet, a man of modesty. 

A man approachable by all. 

A man Loved, admired and respected by all.  

A man whose loss has created a vacuum that cannot be filled. 

G-d blessed this generation with only one man of his stature. 

And now he is gone.  

Marc Belzberg

OneFamily, Chairman

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