Join our family by adopting a family

OneFamily’s international Adopt-a-Family program enables communities and individuals around the world to embrace shattered families by building relationships based on emotional and financial support.

Nothing can be more meaningful to those who have suffered the tragic effects of a terror attacks.

Through the Adopt-a-Family program, you can develop a personal connection with a family suffering the consequences of terror, while at the same time providing them with financial assistance. You and your family can enable a family in Israel to rebuild and rehabilitate their lives.

Adopt-a-Family creates a match that provides the families in Israel with a partner to provide short or long-term financial and emotional support.

After you have completed your official request to adopt a family, the review committee considers the character of both the supporting family or community and the injured or bereaved family in Israel.

Your family or community provides financial support of an agreed amount each month for a specific period (usually 6 – 12 months). The new family is encouraged to build a friendship, which often means as much to the victims as the financial assistance they are receiving.For more information, please contact Naomi Nussbaum at or call +1-646-289-8600