Cross Israel Hike

Every October for the last dozen years, 75-100 people from Canada and the US have flown to Israel to experience the trip of a lifetime in support of Israel’s thousands of victims of terror. This spectacular journey, which participants tell us over and over again “was a life-changing experience,” involves a different route each year. 

Expert guides and historians lead participants on world-class hiking experiences that include hike routes designed for beginners, intermediates, advanced and paratrek hikers. The hikes take participants off the beaten tourist paths, where they experience breathtaking and rich archaeology, deserts, valleys, staggering views and more.  

But that’s NOT the life changing part.  The hike days, meals and evening programs involve many of Israel’s victims of terror themselves, many of whom remain in our hikers’ hearts and lives for years to come.  

The 2020 version of our hike, which has now been rescheduled to 2021, will feature a spectacular journey through the Ein Gedi Oasis in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea. For five days, we’ll hike this region  – so rich in culture, ancient archaeological sites, magnificent vistas and much more. We’ll stay at the breathtaking Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel and Nature Reserve, a scenic oasis and botanical wonder abounding with beautiful waterfalls, lush gardens, natural spring-fed pools and a stunning variety of wildlife. 

Using a sponsorship format, OneFamily Hikers have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the life-changing programs that improve the rehabilitation of the 12,000 bereaved, injured and psychologically traumatized Israelis who are supported by OneFamily in Israel.  Partner with us to rekindle their hope and rebuild their future by signing up today!  We need more heros to help with the challenge of overcoming terror. Enjoy the video and photos for a glimpse in to the 2021 Cross Israel Hike.

OneFamily Canada welcomes hikers from all over the world to join in our adventure.

For more details, please call Jennifer in Canada today at 416.489.9687, ext. 200. 

Or email her at Jennifer@OneFamilyFund.CA

Have the time of your life when you join us for the unparalleled Cross Israel Hike, and hike across Israel while bonding with victims of terror!