The Numbers Tell a Story…

OneFamily's Reach

75,000 Hours of Therapy, Treatment, Support Circles and Workshops
23,000 Individuals Participated in Support and Therapeutic Groups
11,185 Terror Victims Received Financial Assistance and Food Stamps for the Holidays
7,163 Terror Victims Families
4,180 Children, Youth, and Young Adults Participated in Activities and Retreats
Over 3,000 Volunteers, Counsellors, Advisors and Staff Members
928 Scholarships Awarded to Students
20 Years of Activity

The Faces Behind the Numbers

1,845 Bereaved Parents

2,596 Bereaved Siblings

68 Orphans of Both Parents

1,382 Orphans

444 Widows & Widowers

2,405 Injured Victims

Terror … Hope … Fear … Support …

OneFamily is the only organization in Israel that looks at the whole family, not just the person directly impacted by the terror attack. OneFamily recognizes that the repercussions of terror impact not only the direct victims, but their spouses, siblings, parents and children, and stay with the victim families for many years to come. OneFamily provides financial, legal and emotional support to the thousands of victims of terror in Israel on a daily basis. It provides a forum to meet other victims, a place to forget and a place to remember. It is at the forefront in providing long-term support for physical and emotional health, education, housing, income and other needs. So, why OneFamily? Because every victim family deserves a chance to reclaim their lives.