Financial Assistance

The aftermath of a terrorist attack causes families to face financial hardships, and many fall below the poverty line with the loss of an income or expensive medical bills. For many, the government provided assistance is not sufficient in helping them cover their monthly expenses. OneFamily steps in to keep each family financially afloat, while encouraging them to achieve financial independence.  With the generous help of over 70,000 donors worldwide, OneFamily has been able to provide financial assistance to over 4,000 victims of terror and their families since 2001. Financial assistance may be used for: Rent payments, medical bills, utility bills, transportation costs, food vouchers, tuition assistance, clothing, and treatments for total wellbeing. 

OneFamily helps to find sponsors for family celebrations, like bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings. We award educational scholarships to students, and provide job training for victims who are forced to change professionals after an attack. Our  Adopt-A-Family program pairs an international family with a family of victims for financial assistance and a beautiful, supportive friendship.

Emotional Assistance

A terror attack happens in an instant, but it changes lives forever. For families affected by terror, coping with their trauma (PTSD) is a daily and on-going struggle. OneFamily acknowledges the unique feeling of loneliness that engulfs victims of such trauma, making them feel isolated from the rest of the world. We bring together a community of individuals who can understand each other’s pain by providing therapeutic support groups, workshops and retreats.

Our psychologists, trauma experts and grief counselors provide emotionally therapeutic rehabilitation to victims and their families with individual therapy, group therapy, therapeutic retreats, attendance at memorial ceremonies, as well as weekly classes and workshops.  We strive for emotional wholeness and total wellbeing, and therefore offer alternative therapy options, like EMDR, deep tissue massages, meditation and yoga, art therapy, psychodrama, etc.

We aim to strengthen the family unit by maintaining close relationships with each member, working individually with parents/spouses, children/siblings. Our case workers spend countless hours each day making home and hospital visits, speaking over the phone, providing a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. When each victim is ready, they are gently encouraged to progress to a healthier emotional state. We hold their hand with every vital step that they take.  OneFamily welcomes victims and their families into our larger family – providing each family the external support needed to prevent further deterioration of the home during the months and years following an attack. Quite the opposite, we help each person flourish to the best of their ability.

Legal Assistance

As part of our mission to provide comprehensive assistance to victims of terror, OneFamily works to ensure victims receive the full support to which they are entitled from the government and official sources. OneFamily provides representation and legal counseling. We work in close cooperation with state agencies tasked with supporting bereaved and wounded victims of terror.  Additionally, OneFamily represents victims in public affairs in efforts to pass and improve legislation for their benefit and in discussions with national leaders, including government ministers, Members of Knesset, the Chief Rabbi, and the President’s Office.

Examples of legal assistance include:

  •         Explanation of eligibility for government benefits
  •         Explanations of legal rights, and assistance in the process in obtaining benefits
  •         Guidance in filing claims with Bituach Leumi, Israel National Insurance Institute
  •         Appeals to the district labor courts regarding disability assessments
  •         Legal counselling regarding debts accrued by victims of terror and settlements of those debts through the banks, insurance companies, and the Public Bailiff
  •         Appeals to government tax authorities for assistance in the reconstruction of homes and property damaged in terrorist attacks
  •         Legal counseling of general matters, such as child support payments, taxes, and other matters of civil law
  •         Referrals to lawyers with experience in other fields

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