Make  your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah more Meaningful!

Creating a Bar/ Bat  Mitzvah project to benefit OneFamily’s members will help re-build those lives shattered by terror, enrich your own life, and establish you as a true friend of Israel. We invite you to celebrate this special time in your lives by including OneFamily in your tzedakah plans.

Twinning involves sending a gift of $1,800 (USD) to sponsor a celebration anonymously, or begin a new relationship with your twin.  Either option will add meaning to your own life, while enhancing that of a victim’s.

Sponsor tefillin for a bar mitzvah boy for $1,000 (USD).

Create your unique mitzvah project and send a gift of any amount to be used towards a bar or bat mitzvah celebration. Be as creative as you like, and include your friends in the mitzvah.

The sky is the limit! OneFamily will help you use your imagination to create the heartfelt celebration of your dreams, while benefiting those in need.